June /July

21 June 2020

21st June 2020: Father's Day

Free admission to Father's and Grandad's when accompanying their children. Experience the Studfold Adventure Trail at one of the most beautiful times of the Year. Discover Clues and find secret boxes. Explore amazing countryside - there is so much to see and do. Make a Father's Day card. Do not forget to bring (or order) a picnic and treasure for the secret swap box!

From Saturday 23rd May until 6th September 2020- Magical Summer Fun at Studfold's Fairy and Pixie trail!

A magical experience! Use your imagination to find the delightful tiny coloured fairies and pixies that help make Studfold's Award Wining Adventure Trail a truely magical place. Dress up or put on Studfold's Fairy wings and Pixie hats make a Studfold Fairy and Pixie badge. Discover poems and stories and explore 20+ tiny fairy/pixie houses. Discover the fairy code to explore Studfold's magical wood '2 Stone Wishes' !

If you have not yet experienced the Adventure Trail -Why not come along this summer - you will discover clues and secret boxes - there is so much to see and do along the way. Suitable for all primary and pre-school children and their parents and parents parents!
Do not forget to order a picnic at our cafe and something to leave in the treasure swap box.
Normal admission fees apply.

For further information on upcoming events simply call 01423 755084, email info@studfoldtrails.co.uk or enquire online.